Custom Designs!

Welcome to our custom design page.

Often in life, we like some things but want to add our own personal touch. At Geek.Jewelry, everything we do is open to modification.  We also love to create brand new, revolutionary designs in concert with our clients. So if you want just a small tweak or a total custom job, this is the page for you. Contact to start creating!  

You can scan this QR code and you will be taken to a custom form and you can build a response form right online. You can add pictures and text notes etc. or  DOWNLOAD A COPY HERE! and Email it to us at .


 You can also just call the studio at 412-486-2016.


Custom Designs!

Everything starts as a CRAZY IDEA!

a close up of a toy

We then make it REAL!.

a close up of a bowl

Light some stuff on fire!

Custom Designs!

Then expertly hand finish...

So Dream Big! Anything is possible.


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