About Us

Paul Michael Design is a small jewelry design company based in Pittsburgh, Pa.
We have gained worldwide popularity in recent years due to our
 work in "geek" jewelry.

We've always believed in making jewelry as unique as the person wearing it,
and we are still committed to that goal to this day.

Paul Michael Bierker is a designer, goldsmith and technologist. Though trained in a traditional Art-Design school setting, He has always had a passion for technology, and being at the forefront of new design tech remains a passion not a hobby.  

Paul attended the SUNY College at BUFFALO and earned a BFA in Jewelry Design and Manufacturing he has designations from The Gemological Institute of America that include Diamond Graduate, with certificates in Gem Identification,
diamond grading and colored stone grading.

Paul has been a tireless advocate for technology in the jewelry marketplace by innovating and sharing his passion and ideas with clients and companies worldwide.  As a constant creator we always look for new ideas, we are always trying new things be it software, 3D printers or new materials.

About Us


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Give us a call!  ~  412-486-2016 


Our Artwork And Media Trademarks

Paul Michael Design creates artwork inspired by popular media subject matter. All works are Copyright Paul Bierker 1994-2019. Any use of protected word marks are done purely in fair use scenarios such as  Descriptive Fair Use,  Nominative Fair Use, Parody Fair Use - for descriptive,comparative subject matter and/or to describe the inspiration for the item of artwork. Paul Michael Design in no way claims, represents or warrants ownership of any trademarks, wordmarks or copyright of said media properties.

Paul Michael Design also reserves no rights to said property or trademarks. 

We create inspirational small run Jewelry Art Inspired by our passions.

Owned and Operated By

Paul Michael Design

PO BOX 483 

Allison Park, PA 15101


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