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Good Bye Old Friend LLAP

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poup with stuff in it close

An iconic gesture made by Mr. Spock and anyone relating to and with the Vulcan race.

This symbol is a critical element of what society is missing today...Good will to all creatures.

This is available in white gold, yellow gold, platinum and sterling silver. Choose scientist blue (Paraiba Blue Topaz) or Vulcan Blood Green (Created Emerald). 

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Our Artwork And Media Trademarks

Paul Bierker / Paul Michael Design et al creates artwork inspired by popular media subject matter. All works are Copyright Paul Bierker 1994-2022 and beyond . Any use of protected word marks are done purely in fair use scenarios such as Descriptive Fair Use, Nominative Fair Use, Parody Fair Use - for descriptive,comparative subject matter and/or to describe the inspiration for the item of artwork. Paul Michael Bierker in no way claims, represents or warrants ownership of any trademarks, wordmarks or copyright of said media properties.
Paul Michael Bierker also reserves no rights to said property or trademarks.
We create inspirational small run Jewelry Art Inspired by our passions.

As usual custom orders are always welcome

**Disclaimer** The pictures shown are renderings of live geometry in a CAD model. Therefore the actual piece may look slightly different. Each piece is made by hand in our studio, and there are natural variations inherent to the process. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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